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A little information to get you started. 

NomadVentura is an adventure travel blog for those who have big dreams and think they need big wallets, you don’t! This blog is about seeking adventure, exploring this beautiful world and all that is given to us, and showing you that you don’t need to be rich to live out your dreams. Good health, fitness and adventure  are the driving forces behind this travel blog, and to connect with like minded wanderers of the world, as well as those that wish they were.




Travel, push your boundaries and seek constant adventure because the world is too big and life is too short not to. I want to show you that all is possible on a budget, and cheap doesn’t mean you loose out on quality, if you’re clever about it. No matter who you are or where you come from you have the choice to live life in the fast lane, or on autopilot. Choose the former, and don’t look back.


Now a ittle bit about Elaina!

I’m a twenty something year old Irish expat, currently living in South Korea teaching English to beautiful little children that melt my heart every day. After work I’m either blogging, travelling, or hiking a mountain somewhere. Before this I lived in Sicily, backpacked through Europe and worked in a few hostels a long the way.





I have a degree in communications through Irish and through my experience in digital media and writing, I have incorporated it with my passion for travelling to create NomadVentura, and I hope to continue meeting others and sharing stories with one another through this platform and the power of the internet. I’m enjoying the journey I’m on so far, and have no idea where it will take me in the future, but I’m buckled up and ready for a wild ride.





Where to next ? Why don’t you check out the blog page for some adventurous anecdotes, or head to the adventure page to get that bucket list bigger! If you like the blog, please subscribe and make sure to stay in touch, through the blog or social media. I’d love to hear from you and look forward to seeing you on the road somewhere! Happy travelling 🙂









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