For those adrenaline junkies, adventurists and badass explorers looking to find the best place for outdoor, exhilarating experiences, I got you covered. Well I don’t actually, but these awesome bloggers from around the world do! They have their say on where to go to get down and dirty, with your  blood pumping, and your heart racing. So without further ado, tested and approved destinations for amazing adventure, and why you shouldn’t wait another second before delving into them yourself! Here it is, the ultimate bucket list of adventure destinations…

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Waterfall hikes in South Korea


Victoria Falls, Africa

Jorge Bastos over at CoupleRTW says it’s “a must go destination for the adventurous ones.” Rafting in the Zambezi, helicopter rides, bungee jumping, safaris and bridge tours are but a few things to get you started – sign me up!




According to Vik Vek from I am Vagabond, you can’t go wrong. Here are just a few things she notes that are there for the taking – walking on the glacier at midnight, with the sun shining. Wildlife everywhere, don’t be surprised to see moose and bears on the road. The natural phenomenon, verging on the supernatural that is Aurora Borealis aka the Northern Lights. Famous national parks like Denali and hidden gems like Wrangell, St. Elias.



A great outdoor adventure destination all year round, Patricia Pagenel of Ze Wandering Frogs tells us why exactly  every explorer should be going here. To name but a few things to get up to, hiking in the Rockies, kayaking and diving around Vancouver Island, and horseback riding in Alberta in summer, to snowboarding, dog sledding, and ice driving in winter, and a chance to see the Northern Lights.  What more could you want!


Lauren Faith Rees from Last Fiasco Run agrees, with “snowboarding, downhill biking, hiking, lakes, white water rafting, tobogganing, skateboarding and so much more, you can have a different adventure every day! It is such a beautiful country with so much to discover”.


Explore the unknown



Jessica R. Benford from TravellingMarineBiologist has had many the adventure all over the world, and here is what she had to say about the beautiful Belize: “ from island hopping, snorkeling with sharks/sea turtles/ and manatees, zip lining, cliff jumping, cave tubing, hiking, scuba diving the Blue Hole, etc. Belize is certainly in the top 5 best places for exhilarating escapades”.



Karen of has explored the adventurous side of this holy country, which is one for the bucket list! “Tel Aviv, snorkel in the Red Sea, Roman ruins, swim in the Mediterranean Sea, explore old caves, hike in The Negev, see wild ibex, and experience the spiritual side of Israel.”




Carol from thinks this country is still under rated for outdoor activities and adventure, and one of the cheaper countries in Europe, it makes for a perfect destination for adventure seekers. “Poland has 4 seasons of the year, so the weather is always good for hiking or spending time outdoors. Winter is perfect for snow sports, like ice-skating, snowboarding or skiing. Spring is great for taking a long walks. What can be more beautiful than seeing the nature waking up from the winter sleep? Summer in Poland is hot, so you’ll love swimming in a Baltic sea to cool off. And the autumn is great for hiking.”



New Zealand

LeAnna Brown of Economical Excursionists has nothing but love for this country. “It is basically the extreme sports capital of the world. In just the two weeks we were there, we went Zorbing, tubing/canyoning in a glow worm cave, bungee jumping and hiking…and that is just a tip of the iceberg for what is available there, It also doesn’t hurt that the country is GORGEOUS and the people amazing!”




Jamie Italiane-Decubelis from The Daily Adventures of Me puts Iceland on the list, as it’s “stunningly beautiful, and full of people with an outdoor state of mind. You can snowmobile on glaciers, go icecaving or SCUBA dive between the North American and Euroasian techtonic plates at Pinglevir.”



Camping completely out of your comfort zone – bring it on!



Daniella Ditzian over at Like Riding a Bicycle thinks it’s a wonderful country to adventure in. “Everywhere you adventure is ridiculously stunning, and there’s plenty of cool stuff to climb. The people are amazing, wild camping is totally legal, and even hitchhiking is easy as can be there!”



Ladakh, India

According to Aakash Mehrotra, Ladakh is an adventurers dream. Trekking, mountaineering, white water rafting, camel safaris and polo to name but a few activities available!


Kerala, India

Sudipto De from SaltandSandals agrees that India is up there for adventure destinations, with “peaceful backwaters and the Ayurvedic spa” on offer in Kerala. With a variety of adventure sports, aquatic sports, wildlife treks and paragliding are some of the most sought after in the area. Its diverse terrain allows for a vast array of adventure – off road jaunts, camping, climbing, and safaris are all things you can do in this beautiful place!





Stephanie Smoulders of puts Norway on the adventure map, for “good hikes and great views. You can also do winter sports there or in summer mountainbike or kayaking. Nature in Norway is so amazing and you have a little bit of everything!”



Tracey Pictor over at Journal of a City Girl fell in love with this “undiscovered gem of a country. Namibia has so much to offer from breath-taking landscapes to being one of the best places to stargaze. It is also home to the oldest desert in the world, Sossusvlei, but there is so much more to this southern African country than just arid landscapes, you can go on a bush safari, a water safari, go in search of the desert-dwelling elephants, camp under the stars, kayak with the seals, quad bike through the dunes and hike through the second largest canyon in the world, Fish River Canyon.”




Amar Hussain of GapYearEscape has another great pick for us, and yet another cheap destination in Europe for budget adventurers! “ Lake Bled is somewhere I would recommend for an adventure trip. Not only is it incredibly scenic and cheap to travel but there is an abundance of activities from hiking, paragliding and white water rafting to horse trekking, mountain biking and rock climbing. Swimming across the lake is also fun!”


300px-wingsuit-01Well that should keep you busy for awhile. I know my list has doubled after making this one! The world is full of amazing places, and you will always find there is adventure to be had. Get out there and have it! Have you been to any of these places? Would you recommend another place that deserves a mention? I’m all eyes!


Leave a comment with your thoughts or suggestions and we’ll make this bucket list even bigger. If you have an adventurist friend or family member they might like to have a read of this over their tea. It is sure to inspire everyone to get out there and jump into the unknown. If these adventurists can have lived to tell the tale, so can you. If you have a suggestion to add to the ultimate bucket list of adventure destinations, let me know!

Thanks to all the lovely bloggers that gave great suggestions, and thanks for reading! 🙂



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