This 7 day music festival is not for the faint hearted – beware of the serious set up and unbelievable time you will have! With half a million people, and over 1000 performances  it’s a cultural and creative fusion of music and magic. With theatre, circus and features like the Luminarium (an inflatable structure of light tunnels and labyrinthine domes, that wharps reality on a whole new level) it’s an incredible picture that leaves your jaw on the floor as you turn every corner. The effort put in to making the experience a unique and memorable one for everyone is truly impressive and inspiring.




The festival has become one of the biggest music and cultural festivals in Europe, being compared to The Burning Man in the Nevada Dessert.  In its modernistic approach all transactions are done through a special “Sziget card” but watch out, eliminating money doesn’t mean things are free as much as it feels that way!




It has breathtaking artistic stages, stalls and scenes to create an intoxicating world that consumes your imagination for a week. Situated on an island in the Danube River, its location is convenient for those that wish to escape the escape and bathe in one of the beautiful bath houses Budapest has to offer, or fill your belly full of Goulosh soup in the heart of the city to recharge the body. Meanwhile inside the festival grounds you can camp next to the river, or under the beautiful forested area lit up by fairy lights and crazy creative hand crafted decorations.


Awesome chill out area


As well as the visual and musical enthralling aspects of Sziget, it also offers activities and workshops for all types. There is an amusement park, sport centre, healing and homeopathic centre, exhibitions, art workshops and so much more. You can chill out in one of the relaxing zones full of comfy cushions (and wifi!) or grab some food and sisha for the night if your favourite bands are having a night off.




I went to Sziget in 2014 and was lucky enough to see some great acts. Outcast, The Prodigy, Macklemore and Ryan Lewis, Deadou5,  Blink 182, Imagine Dragons, Skrillex, and Calvin Harris headlining – to name but a few! This festival is one for the bucket list, grab a group of friends, take the party train that transports festivalgoers from all over Europe to the event, and party your pants off at the Isle of Freedom.


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