Kyoto is an extremely photogenic city, capturing the colours, culture and captivating qualities of Japan was a fun task. Do not travel to this city without a camera, a couple of empty SD cards and full batteries. Photos of Kyoto are so inspiring, and everyone has a story to tell through their own gallery of images. For me, that story is of fascinating people and history. 

In the spirit of capturing the beauty of Kyoto, here are a couple of my favourite photos from my trip. Kyoto is a photographers dream place, with so much colour and energy. I really enjoyed wandering the streets with my camera in hand, just taking it all in. Hopefully these images give you an idea of how wonderful this traditional city is, and inspire you to visit this place in the future. 



Thousands of vermilion torii gates lead you up the mountain.



A performance at Yasaka Shrine






Colours of Kyoto



Yasaka Pagoda



First Sunday of the month prayer offerings



Love letters



Otowa waterfall, drinking from each stream is said to give you success, longevity and love.


The gardens at Tenryuji Templ


Keeping an eye on the streets.






These photos shows a taste of Kyoto and its characteristics, but photos can only do so much. If you have the opportunity to see these places with your own eyes, I would jump at it.

Back to you! Have you jumped at the opportunity? Have you any photos from your time here? I’d love to see them, and hear about your visit, drop me a comment and lets discuss! Tweet share, or like this with your people and I’ll be seeing you all soon. Thanks for reading!

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