Top 5 Adventures in the Philippines.

As The Philippines is a tropical array of unspoiled islands, 7000 of them to be exact, there is no better place to visit to get your fill of adventure and outdoor activities. The natural beauty on offer in and around The Philippines allows for rural and rugged adventures for all types. Only spending a few days there myself, I was stuck for choice with activities to fill my days and wasn’t able to fit everything in. (So I’m simply obligated to go back…) That said here are a few things that I would recommend, or heard from the local horse’s mouth that it’s not to be missed. This is my Philippines adventure bucket list. Top 5 for now, short and efficiently sweet!


  1. The given, the obvious, the necessary – the scuba diving.
Under water is the best way to discover The Philippines


There are fun dives, adventure dives, lessons and courses on offer all over the Philippines as you can understand how popular it is to dive here. The marine life is vast and vibrant, and with tropical weather all year round you can explore the underwater world whenever you like. I did most of my dives in Sabang beach, Puerto Galera and everyday was a new adventure. It’s reasonably priced and easily accessible, so it’s top of the list for you adventure holiday. (Check out Sea Riders if you are in the area.)


  1. Mountain Fun
There are plenty of extreme activities to take advantage of here in the Philippines


From beautiful hikes, to canyoning down waterfalls – you don’t have to travel far to find activity available on a nearby mountaintop. There are amazing waterfalls and mountain rivers that you can play around with, including rappelling, abseiling and river rafting. For a less strenuous activity, you can kayak through calm waters and swim under the alluring waterfalls that are never too far away, then have a picnic in the mountain and interact with the indigenous people still living there. The Kawasan Falls in Moalboal, Pagsanjan Falls in Laguna and Tukuran Falls in Puerto Galera should keep you on your toes for the day!


  1. Adventure Parks
phillsadventure edit
With so much unspoiled terrain and ways to explore it, there is something for everyone to enjoy.


There are adventure parks far and wide offering a number of activities to experience the Philippines on a high. Zip lining is a favourite as you glide through the Greenland and look down on the beautiful scenery, flying through the air. Bungee jumping, mountain biking and horse riding are all activities that you can avail of in these adventure parks, which are never far from reach whatever island you stay on. Danao Adventure Park in Bohol is quite a popular choice, and I’m a fan of La Mesa EcoPark in Quezon City, because of it’s efforts in raising environmental awareness as well as it’s exhilarating outdoor activities available, with33 hectares of forestry and woodland you’re spoiled with nature.


  1. Trapeze Swing
Cirque Du Soleil here I come!


This was number one on my list when I landed in Manila. Once I heard of a giant trapeze swing offering lessons just 30 minutes outside the city I was dying to try it out! Unfortunately it had closed for the Christmas period so I cried myself to sleep for the night and moved on to the next one. Plenty more fish in the sea so I dove right in! But I’m keeping a close eye on this as I haven’t come across a center for trapeze lessons in my vicinity before and I can’t wait to take a swing at it!


  1. Hiking
Mount Halcon is one of many mountains waiting for you to take on here in the Philippines.


I have left this out of mountain fun and have it as a point of its own because it’s a challenge and a half to hike one of the breathtaking mountains of the Philippines. I plan on taking on Mount Halcon (2582m) next time I’m back, although not for the faint hearted it’s believed to have breathtaking views and serious satisfaction upon ascend. Said to be the most challenging peak in the Philippines, Halcon is situated in Mindoro. A typical Halcon hike consists of 4 days from start to finish, and permits are necessary through a Mountaineering Association. Although an all merciful effort, well worth the captivating experience I believe, and I will let you know! (or visa versa)


And that’s it for now. Adventure in the Philippines is a never ending exploration, but these activities are top of the list for NomadVentura and list number two will come in the future, after I get back to the mesmerizing country and get busy! If you have delved into any of these activities or more, I’d love to hear from you. Let us know how it was, or if there is something you believe should make the top 5 list of adventure, I would love to hear from you!