Top 5 Things to do in Belfast

Belfast is a vibrant and electric city with plenty to see and do. With culture painted on to the streets, history pouring from the buildings and entertainment everywhere, it’s an exciting city to see and with some of the most valuable tourist spots that people travel to from all over, Belfast won’t leave you disappointed – even if it does rain.

So with that, here are my top 5 things to do in Belfast over a couple of days which will leave you with a nice feel of the place and a good impression.


  1. Game of Thrones Tour.

Tollymore Forest Park


Of course this might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but even if you’re not into the TV series (why the hell not?!) or seeing how a series is made, it’s a great way to travel the lengths of Northern Ireland for the day. With beautiful country side like Tollymore Forest Park, the tour brings you to castles, lakes and woodland scattered around and you can’t help but enjoy the scenery along the way.  There are many tour options but I’d advise – the tour guides are encyclopedia of Game of Thrones and are pretty funny too!


  1. Titanic Tour.

Titanic Tours


In case you were living under a rock, the titanic was built and set sail from Belfast and the people of the city have invested millions of euro into a state of the art museum and tour of the story behind the titanic. From how it was made, model replicas of parts of the ship, stories of the passengers and the aftermath. The ship building industry and the story of the titanic is such a huge part of Belfast even today, it really shouldn’t be missed.  Info at


  1. Visit “The Crum.”
Crumlin Gaol
Wall art drawn by prisoners in their cell.


This is for the history buffs out there. The jail was open for 150 years and only closed in the 90s. It holds such historical evidence dating back to the time of the famine, both world wars, the civil war and the troubles in the North. It held men women and children, seen everything from hunger strikes, to escapes and executions. For the superstitious types, you can even get a paranormal tour of the jail as you can imagine there are bound to be a few spirits floating around!


  1. Walk through the Falls Road and the Shankill Road.
A wall mural of peace between both sides.
A wall mural of peace between both sides.


With ongoing troubles in the north, these roads represent the divide between the Republicans and the Unionists, Catholics and Protestants.  Murals bursting with colour and flags flying high, both sides are proud of their heritage and just passing through you can see the culture and history of the place in everyday life which is fascinating.


  1. Go to a concert!

Belfast Streets


For the partiers out there, Belfast is a youthful city, with an electric atmosphere and an eclectic range of people walking the streets. There is always something on from street music to fine art shows especially during the summer. Head out for the night and see for yourself!

If you tick these things off your list you are bound to get a good taste of what Belfast has to offer. Without breaking the bank, or taking too much time, these activities show what the city represents and hopefully will leave you wanting more!