Gozo – The Mystical Maltese Island.


Gozo is a secret haven hidden away in the shadows of Malta, its second smallest island secluded and solitary. Stories of this curious place west of the mainland were falling on fresh ears as I listened in awe to tales of the island. Once reaching Gozo myself, I was relieved of its secrecy. It is far less spoiled than the main island itself. Once setting foot on the rural and rugged Maltese island, the remoteness of Gozo is evident at first glance. Its villages far stretched, green farms layering the land and silence round every bend. With the sound of nothing but nature, it was a peaceful alternative to karaoke clubs and consumerism shouting from the roof tops in Malta.


20150713_195945 (1)
The sun sneaks away behind a fishing village, painting the water as it says goodbye.


With legends of pirates and tales of singing sirens, stories of Calypso Hercules and Odysseus, it’s as if there is no need for any development technological or otherwise.  The island itself has so much character that you get swept away with its mystical air.

The story of Calypso’s cave is a fascinating one. It was said that Odysseus was shipwrecked off the island of Gozo and Calypso saved him, ultimately capturing him as he was forced to remain confined in her cave for seven years because of her love for the god. Obviously playing hard to get had not yet reached ancient Greek Gods…


The beautiful sunrise from Ramla Bay

With Calypso’s cave on one side of the bay, perched on a mountaintop facing out into the horizon, adjacent to it is a crystal cave. Climb the mountain leaving the soft sandy beach beneath you, listening to the rhythmic sounds of the waves as you climb closer to the alluring crystal cave inviting you in. Once you reach the top, the view overlooking the bay, the beautiful land below and the Mediterranean stretching far beyond your sight, that majestic aura welcomes you once more.


Looking out from the crystal cave.

The stunning sights are captivating in themselves, but it’s the sense of calm, peaceful energy the island offers you that makes it memorable. Listening to mythical tales of its past, sitting inside a crystal cave catching whispers of the ocean beyond, and laughs of the people below, you can’t help but get caught up in its magic for all its worth.


The Ggantija Temples, said to be some of the oldest standing structures in the world.


With Temples overlooking the lands of Gozo at the top of a hill, that date back to prehistoric times, it makes you wonder what they have witnessed, and how they were built to withstand thousands of years of attacks from various civilizations due to its positioning in the Mediterranean. The historical significance of these structures are immense, and captivates your imagination as you consume the aura of the ancient island. Phoenicians, Romans, Arabs, Sicilians, French and the British have all ruled the island at one stage, making quite the multi cultural past, paving the way for an intriguing present.





Have you been to Gozo? Have you felt the same sense of peacefulness and serenity as I had the pleasure of experiencing there? Let me know what you thought of the Mediterranean island, or any of the Maltese Islands! Want more? Find out what ultimate activities in Malta and Gozo can’t be missed here.

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