Street Art

Berlin Street Art.

Most of these images have grave historical significance and hold cultural impact in the Berlin we see today. You will find there are many images of the communist cartoon character “Little Lucy” in different situations scattered across the city, as well as El Bocho, and the infamous logo from the “1up” crew who have a serious influence on street art and culture in the city. Anyone that has been to Berlin will have seen these artistic stamps all over, from rooftops to trains. This is not aimless spray paint thrown on brick walls to cause a stir, this is an artistic and expressive way of the people of Berlin to get there message out there in an effect and supportive way. And it works, see for yourself.



Belfast Street Art.

The people of Belfast, just like Berlin, have expressed themselves through street art and beautiful wall murals all over the city. You will find Republican and Unionist messages colourfully placed over the walls that hold huge significance. There are also paintings of peace, and messages of honour between both sides. The Dali Lama and Bill Clinton have even written peaceful messages on the peace wall.



Naksan Mural Village, Seoul

The Ministry of Culture and Tourism established “Art in the City 2006” , a public art project in effort of reviving the poor area surrounding Naksan Park – a mountain which was used to protect the capital during the Joseon Dynasty. After the Japanese invasion, most of the area was destroyed and over time it became an area of poverty with little social or cultural development. Due to its historical importance the government thought it was time to devote their efforts into the project, which has artists transforming the area by means of art installations and beautiful wall murals along the streets and houses.  The district has gained a fresh look as well as improved living conditions. The theme of the project, “connecting, merging and associating” has given the poor slums of Seoul a cultural and artistic makeover, and the area is now a growing hub for art and culture in Seoul.