Mujang Peak is situated on Mt. Dongdaebong and is famous for the serene scenes of silvergrass scattered around the peak of the mountain. It’s unique sheet of silver grass covering the top of the mountain, captures a picture like no other neighbouring mountain that one can hike.




The autumn months are the perfect time to hike, as the colourful foliage creates an even brighter picture of pristine nature.

Apparently, from the 70s until the 90s the silver grass habitat was originally a ranch owned by a livestock company. After the ranch closed, along came the fluffy fields of silvergrass.




It has now become a very popular location for film sets, and many Korean dramas have used the majestic mountain as a backdrop. Due to its short and sweet hike from the bottom, (624meters) you’ll find all types of people on the trail; families and old folk alike taking to nature and enjoying the landscape. You will find many hikers along the path between the trees and nestled among the silver grass having picnics, snacks, soju and even samgyeopsal. You can never go far without a Korean barbecue in sight!




This hike is achievable to all fitness types and well worth the visit, perched just outside Bomun in the small village of Amgok. Mt. Dongdaebong is within Gyeongju National Park and this is the first entry point to the mountain. It is also connected with Tohomsan (where you will find Bulguksa Temple and Seokguram) as well as Woonjesan of Pohang (where you will find Oeosa Temple). From the peak, you’ll find these mountaintops along with countless others, as well as the East Sea in the far distance.




From the peak there are so many focal points your eyes will have a field day (so to speak). You may take one of two routes to get there. The steep but thoroughly enjoyable 3.5km trail that takes you up a lot of steps at the beginning, or the longer route of 5km that is an easier walk to the top. The trail is a well sign posted circle that doesn’t leave much room for getting lost, and you should be able to loop around or do one of the trails in a couple of hours.


After you get over the steep trail of steps that takes you over half way, then comes the silver grass. It surrounds you as you head to the top of the mountain, with the path reaching to the sky. 






Plenty photo opportunities along the way may add time onto your hike but this is inevitable with such a canvas at your feet. Beware of the herds of hikers that are attracted to Mujangbong in peak season. There is even a shuttle bus running in and out of Bomun that takes you to the trail at the weekends.




Early weekday mornings are your best chance to get in before the crowds, and to enjoy the serenity of the landscape you just climbed without having too many people spoil the moment polluting the air with chitter chatter and camera snaps.




Either way of course it’s a beautiful hike and one that shouldn’t be missed if you’re in the vicinity and interested in an easy but alluring hike for a few hours.




If it’s good enough for TV drama “Queen Seondeok” it’s good enough for me.






Getting there: Take bus 18 across the street from the bus terminal that will take you directly there. Get off at “Amgok Wangsan” that takes about 45 minutes.

Alternatively, you can take bus 10 or 700 from the same place straight to Bomun Lake Resort, where you will find the shuttle bus coming and going from 9am to 6pm on the weekends (in the Autumn season). The shuttle is number 18-1 and from there it takes about 10 minutes.


As I found there wasn’t much information on this hike for me, I’d be happy to help anyone with any further queries. Feel free to drop a comment! 🙂 

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