Adventure is described as “an unusual and exciting, experience or activity, especially the exploration of unknown territory.” Therefore, by definition it simply cannot be the same for one as it is for another. We all perceive excitement differently; we all conceive experiences, adventurous and otherwise in our own individual way and that is why one should not judge or believe adventure to be that of someone else’s opinion. The exploration of unknown territory is different for each and every one of us on earth, and so it would be improbable to globally define adventure as a whole, or for each of us to follow in each other’s footsteps.

“it’s that feeling – that fluttery nervous, heart wrenching stomach churning feeling that we look for”

So you know a professional skydiver that goes swimming with sharks in his spare time. What a mad yoke, he must sprinkle a bit of adrenaline into his weetabix in the morning. But why must we feel our adventures are inadequate in comparison?


I’d say crossing a river to get a photo on this path was certainly adventurous


Some people may have a higher tolerance to exhilaration. They have a natural fearless nature and must find things that make them feel alive. And it’s that feeling – that fluttery nervous, heart wrenching stomach churning feeling that we look for in adventure. It doesn’t matter whether you are par core climbing the tallest building in Dubai, or taking your first lesson in deaf poetry. It’s how the experience makes us feel individually.


Joining Buddhist monks at 4 am for their morning service was an experience


If putting yourself out there in a context that makes you feel vulnerable is what frightens you then go for it. We should strive to push ourselves and appreciate the adventurous achievements we conquer along the way, without their significance being dampened by comparing them with others.  You won’t get the same out of anything someone else does, and so you shouldn’t. It’s their experience and their personal journey to live through, just like you have yours.


I can finally cross eating live octopus off my list!

“it can be in the slow lane with a 1995 micra, if learning to drive is what scares you”

I think that people underestimate the adventure in their lives, and hold back from adventure at all because of the common assumption of its nature. Living life in the fast lane doesn’t have to be in a Ferrari racing down the M50, in fact it can be in the slow lane with a 1995 micra, if learning to drive is what scares you. If we take it one step at a time, look at our wish list, places we want to see or things we’ve always wanted to do – and just don’t hold back.

Delve into the unknown of a new city – sometimes there is nothing scarier


Bring your list with you and make it part of your daily life so that you have a constant reminder of your aspirations that need to be conquered. Slowly but surely you’ll be ticking those ambitions off your list, happily giving yourself a minor heart attack with each exhilarating challenge. You won’t be long seeing the results yourself, and realizing that with your altered perception on leading a thrilling life, you’re in fact living in the fast lane.


Push yourself to higher limits


So rather than looking at your neighbour and feeling envious of their ambitious, fearless enthusiasm – be conscious of your own efforts and achievements. Look at what you have conquered in the last 12 months, and you’ll soon realize that you are constantly growing, persistently pushing your personal boundaries and learning along the way. That’s the key, and that is what’s important in life, not whether or not you can do the same or better as someone else. No two people are the same and neither will our experiences be. Focus on your own and savour the adventurous rocky road you’re on.


enjoy the ride 🙂
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